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Resource Year
Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard 2010
Beating the Bookies - Can you make money from gambling? 2010
Debating the Theists 2010 2010
Inside the Evangelist's Lair: My Experiences with the Christian Union 2010
Inside the Mind of an Animal 2010
Movie Goer's Guide to Dogville 2010
Perspective: Mormonism 2010
Playing God: On Transhumanism & Eugenics 2010
The Atheist Responses 2010
The Mind, Illusion and the Need for Science 2010
The Rise of Atheism and the Death of God 2010
Debate Tactics in The Philsophy of Atheism 2009
Introduction to Atheism 2009
Life and Times of Mohammed 2009
Magpies 2009
Movie Goer's Guide to Finding an Exit 2009
Movie Goer's Guide to the Meaning of Life & Death 2009
Philosophy of Atheism 2009
Psychology of Religion 2009
The Meaning of Life 2009
Debating the Theists 2008 2008
Evolution - it's a fact 2008
Intolerance in Religion 2008
Jesus has nothing to do with Christmas 2008
Life of Charles Darwin 2008
Misconceptions of Atheists 2008
Secular Student Conference 2008 2008
The God of Emotions 2008
United Church of Atheism 2008
What god can't do 2008
What is Atheism? 2008
Debating the Theists 2007 2007
I WIll Mock Muhammad If I Want To 2007
New Atheism 2007
Scientific standards - does religion measure up? 2007
What is Rationalism? 2007
Why there is almost certainly no god 2007